Welcome to Hugo Mesa Studio

All of Hugo's  work is hand chisel carved with “Old World” Craftsmanship perfected from over 50 years of experience. Hugo draws inspiration from the nature and changing seasons that surround him in his home and studio in Vermont. He specializes, but is not limited to, hand-carved natural scenes and landscapes. Hugo’s abilities are only limited by the imagination.


Hugo can take any idea or design and transform it into a custom designed carving that fits the architecture and feel of any home. 

A simple phone call is the best way to start the process! 


See Hugo's process from start to finish.

Light up your home with a one of a kind lamp. 

Check out Hugo's signature and custom furniture designs. 

Please be advised: It has been brought to my attention that a company is stealing photos off my website and representing them as their own work. This is very discouraging to those of us that have dedicated our lives to our craft.